The Melting Ice Reveals

February 15, 2012 § 2 Comments

I promised myself not to look but now I’m looking.
There, frozen, two bodies, embraced, one inside the other.
What will happen to them when the spring comes?
And there the red scarf, lost by the girl who moved out during Christmas.
She run out of the house. No suitcase. No coat. Her scarf flying.
Someone will pick it up now, and throw it in the bin.
The little paper over there. A shopping list. I can recognize Mrs B’s handwriting.
Mrs B won’t attend this spring.
The paper soaked in its own ink as soon as the rain comes.
It could be that the ice has been kind to us and stopped the time for a while: 
the lovers still in love, the girl not away, and dear Mrs B still in dear life.

§ 2 Responses to The Melting Ice Reveals

  • I promised not to look but now I am looking,
    Because I know there are other versions there.
    And stories need not scare me anymore…


    • MayB. says:

      Natasha, I just saw your lovely comment today. It was somehow categorised as spam (I don’t get why) and had to…unspam it. This was actually the first time I realised that the spam filter might have thrown to the bin other lovely comments too. It obviously keeps them for a while for me to check and then… gone they are. I was not checking of course. That’s how I am.
      But this time the melting ice revealed… you. Happy!


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