Lent (1)

February 24, 2012 § 2 Comments

Eager to give up something for lent I forgot that for me lent would actually be starting next week as I was baptized Orthodox. In that you can really see that my motivation for trying this is not a religious one at all, as I am a rather unreligious person. But I am intrigued by the power faith seems to give to people. Power to endure fate and power to restrict yourself. So I gave up tweeting for lent because I wanted to give up something I love. And I do love tweeting. It takes me to places and brings inspiring people to me; they whisper directly into my ear words that dance for me on paper.

I’ve never been able to give up something or someone I love. I’m not a good Christian, you see. I have no real understanding for the concept of sacrifice. But I want to learn. There must be a win for that. It seems to me that the people who can do that are better off than me. I think the win is freedom. You give up something (or even someone) you love. Then after a while you love it less. Then maybe you stop loving it altogether. Finally you’re free.

No, you’d say, you who do lent every year. You miss what you sacrifice terribly, and by missing it you appreciate having it when you can. Also you have more time for something else. Say blogging, blogging with more than 140 characters.


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