All The Words: February 2013

March 2, 2013 § 2 Comments

Dream: there in here.

Sehnsucht: here without there.

Desire: Sehnsucht in a body.

Language: like the air that turns into rain and waters the earth, thought turns into language. Same but different logos.

Moon: a partly full life in quarters, sometimes old, sometimes new, and always in the dark.

Water: could go through anything but of course it chooses the easiest way. (Probably male.)

Fire: *does* go through anything but water.

Midnight: not enough in the middle of the night.

Midnight: not in the middle of the night enough.

Sleep: our body’s caretaker.

Sleep: body snatcher.

Sleep, what have you done with that me of yesterday? She had one or two thoughts I’d like back before she disappears. Mirror?

Mirror: behind its nothing, hidden, the endless pictures of all the ones we’ve been and all the yesterdays, sorted in light and colour.

Night: when young thoughts fly around in the dark, just like tiny little bats, soundless and shy.

Help: a chance for the one helping.

Regret: a winter word; likes fireplaces, old photo albums, remembers long names.

Insomnia: just another way to be away, only a bit darker than usual.

Insecurity: the flickering light at the entrance door. You see an exit.

Night: a day’s second chance.

Morning: comes earlier for sure.

Mornings: all you have to do is to forget that night existed.

Fate: there’s always a harder one than our own, but it becomes part of ours as soon as we know it.

Fear: too much information.

Fear: not enough information.

Antidote: a kind doppelgänger; comes your way, giving what you need; must be well portioned, too.

Sacrifice: the precious, the unique, the gone. Damned to remember.

Celebration: variations of vibrations.

Weather: earth breaths, coughs, and sneezes.

New Moon: the darkest night is a night of a birth.

Death: it’s all about how dying.

Death: so unrealistic. Always in slow motion.

Death: we owe all the love to the fear of it.

Soul: We take turns in travelling: sometimes it’s us without it, sometimes it’s it without us. There’s no exile when we’re together.

Love: there must be a way without it, but who cares?

Fragile: it has been in pieces many times; now it’s back together. Touch.

Strangers: not the ones who have never met (for they don’t exist for each other), but those who have met and looked away.

Sorrow: has long uncombed curly hair, likes old stories, takes no risks.

Time: sometimes water, sometimes oil, in the same old clay pot.

Insomnia: like the narrow throat of a bottle full night.

Rivers: some are not there to be crossed, but to cross.

Melancholia: dark room but one with a view.

Depression: dark room and you’ve closed the window shutters.

Spieltrieb: how the human race cheats its way through.

Miteinander: because without would be so lonely.

Νύχτα: όταν μελαγχολεί η μέρα.

Words: even one can cause an earthquake.

Thoughts: like underwater currents.

Bodies: all that is really there, all that is really gone.

Trees: bound to earth not by their roots but by the fruits they bear.

Thoughts: our emotions are our first thoughts, logic and reality work at their construction site, but so much falls back into emotion again.

Sadness: easy to say ‘like a veil covering everything’ but sadness is always inside, keeping warm and silent; a seed that sprouts in winter.

Happiness: good when now, sad when then.

Honesty: that one morning.

Definitions: playing Prometheus with words and risking punishment by meanings.

Loneliness: the night ahead, the hours behind, a mirror in between.

Doppelgänger: not the one.


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