Full Moon Hikes

March 28, 2013 § Leave a comment


Wait at the church, he said. I’ll be on time, this time, before the full moon is up there. And we won’t miss the adds, I know how much you like that crap–  Oh no, no, don’t hung up, babe, he laughed. I won’t make fun of you this time, promised! I’ll say no word. I’ll just hold your hand. You’ll see.


One, two, three… come on, come on… turn green now!


A pizza, to go, please. What kind of pizza? Just cheese and salami, nothing fancy. Margherita is on full-moon-offer tonight. You can get three for the price of one. I just need the one, thank you.


I must get home before night falls. I want to put him to bed myself tonight. Yesterday he called Ms S. mum. I must get home before night falls…


Monday to Sunday, from 11 am on. All it could be lost, is lost now. No, he won’t come back.


Grandma would have crossed herself three times now, like a good Orthodox iconodule. The walk from aunt B.’s house to the cemetery took always the longest time. There had be three little shrines on that way, and then of course the cemetery chapel. She had to light the candles and make three times the sign of the cross everywhere. And then once more at the graves: candles, three times the cross, candles, three times the cross… for each grave. We are a big family, especially the dead part of it.


Full Moon Hikes



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