All The Words: March 2013

April 1, 2013 § Leave a comment

Muse: linking inside with outside; one voice like a touch on your cheek, when tired and half-asleep.

Lyrics: Lonely words, looking for a tune: in cars, in bars, in midnight ballrooms. But when in song, never alone again.

Separation: you never separate from someone you know, only from someone you knew and will never get to know.

Mistake: mostly done again and again until it has a name.

Night: sight to the inside.

Sanity: one bank of the river.

Sanity: one bank of the river. Good swimmers swim to and fro, but it also depends on how wide or wild the river is.

Performance: I have my words on. I’m in the story I wanna tell you. Tonight. If you please.

Discovery: not hidden, waiting.

Spell: a trail out of letters; a thread in the right order, a threat in the wrong.

Dream: our thoughts worn inside out and in the dark.

Circle: protects but also imprisons and excludes. The ring, the garland, the halo. Inside or outside?

Line: unites and separates. And its two ends, the way they disappear in the distance, but still feel each other trembling.

Weakness: boneless body hoping to reshape in time.

Weakness: softness too.

Must: Must we must more or less?

Denial: we can deny like a fish that jumps back to water, but when denied, we lie there on the sand, slowly sucked by the sun.

Mute: not not to speak, but not to be heard.

Silent: to have spoken.

Speaking: to.

Silence: swallowing words, then vowels, then breaths.

Giving up: it also has to do with giving.

Missing: not to be there or not to be here. Missing has two doors wide open, waiting.

Food: to cook without measurements and to give without measurements.

Home: food, language, music, and the cook.

Journey: comparing homes i.e. foods, languages, music, and the cooks.

Love: the way cotton sucks oil and then stays stained, warm, and soft.

Detour: to know where you’re coming from; to know where you want to go; taking the longest way nevertheless.

Truth: more believable in plural.

Holy: spiritual time or place, when, or where, concentration on the essential is possible. That’s the address, and it’s not always religion.

Spirit: to catch it, to name it, to have it, to free it, simultaneously.

Body: holy because essential


as we all know we can’t know all
maybe the knowledge of one we love
would be enough to wise us up

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