A few more words about All The Words.

April 2, 2013 § 6 Comments

This private dictionary has become something like a journal of aphorisms, epigrams or naked verses — sometimes looking for a poem and coming closer together, and sometimes running away from each other, contradicting and opposing each other. All of them are based on my personal observations and emotional reactions to readings, of all kinds, or everyday experiences and chats with friends online or in person. Despite their aphoristic form which can give a temporary relief to a sometimes overloaded human mind and soul, they are not my conclusions but my unfinished thoughts. They are my little flags to be followed or burned in time. They are crumbs I leave behind as I walk my way reading, thinking and, of course, living. They do not claim to be universal truths, and in their perfect crumb habit, some of them might not even be there for me if I went back the same way. But, right now, I enjoy looking at that track behind me.

When I started writing them in January I had no idea they’d become a project. It was also not a conscious decision that this dictionary should mainly consist out of nouns so that might change on the go.  Also, some of them are “defined” more than once, proving how they actually escape easy definitions or how life keeps redefining them for me.

I also think that the number of entries will fluctuate from month to month, but I’d like to keep this going for the year 2013.

In terms of form, each entry has been a tweet, and thus no more than 140 characters. Some tweets though, didn’t find their way to my blog posts and dictionary.

Thanks for reading them here or on Twitter.


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§ 6 Responses to A few more words about All The Words.

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