All The Words: April 2013

May 1, 2013 § 2 Comments

Night: not the darkness, but the silence, broken by your inner voice.

April Fools’ the day,
and the sun was ordered right
but the soup was cold.

Noon: spring bears a shy sun after all.

Work: oblivion’s busy hands.

Care: we all know when to.

Theory: like a flag to be followed or burned.

Youth: one song is enough.

Sorrow: the core of the lava, hot and fluid, even as the ocean kisses its edges and gives birth to islands. Porous earth.

Oblivion: a memory: noon, the sea smooth as a mirror. Half the body, water, the other half, sand. The rest of the world blue sky.

Memory: the place where we forget ourselves the best.

Journey: “Close your eyes!”

Poem: I am to it what it is to me: that word, in the middle of a verse, and that other, two verses before or after. Or not written yet.

Writing: it’s not only what you do with words, but also what your words do with others.

Words: most unfaithful little creatures. Free them, and they’ll fly to seek punctuation elsewhere, too.

The same day: a book for one, a footnote for an other.

Too terrible: Marathon runners losing legs at the finish line, young brothers becoming murderers, the uncle in rage and fear, the manhunt…

Manhunt: CNN’s multiple orgasm

Skin-deep: skins deeply.

Resilience: only when very old one can really tell what one hasn’t survived.

Drama: any movement. Any!

Dialogue: only good and necessary if it moves the story forward? How about if it moves the soul?

Catharsis: invented for the spectators, not for the actors.

Photograph: we’re looked at, but not seen. We see, but are not there to look at. Both blind.

Photographic album: the photos missing, the photos moved three pages later, the two close together, the year we stopped adding to it. This.


Humanity: One can choose not to love but not to love.

Sinner: condemn only the one whose heart is not soften by sin.

Ego: almost like coughing. You can’t hold it back.

Intentions: the good, the bad, the ugly.

Numbers: naming eternity.

Early morning: the house wakes up and stretches its walls, yawns till doors and windows open, and lets water run down the taps, for music.


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§ 2 Responses to All The Words: April 2013

  • Anthony says:

    An emotional fairground ride, I swept through the full gamut reading this inspired post.


    • Magda Kapa says:

      Thank you so much, Anthony!
      In one or two cases I’ve changed the order in which these tweets appeared on my Twitter feed. I wanted to bring together ideas that had been accompanying me the whole month. I’m glad if the result is that this piece reads so better and takes the reader for an emotional ride,as you say. That’s all I wish, I guess, to give others a small chance for their own catharsis while looking in the mirror of my thoughts.


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