On Letters and Telephone Booths

May 25, 2013 § 1 Comment


Letters used to be fuller with words than emails. They included the words from the time ‘in between’. Between sending one and receiving one.

In fantasy one could follow them by plane, by car, by train.

Sometimes the wish to be inside the letter and arrive there too, and sometimes the wish to catch it like a bird and burn it like a child.

I’m a keen user of new technology and I love and appreciate the benefits, but I miss the physicality of letters and telephone booths.



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§ One Response to On Letters and Telephone Booths

  • birds fly says:

    I wrote a letter just last night actually, and it felt strange. There is a certain release of control in letter-writing. Certainly you can crumple it up and start over, but I feel like in letters I am more likely to write things that in an email I might revise or delete altogether. And rather than go to the trouble of starting over, I just leave those words in there. So from that standpoint, perhaps they are a more honest form of communication.


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