More Love Letters

October 3, 2013 § Leave a comment


9th September

My dear, I write this

to your future you. Forget

not to read it now.

14th September

My dear, I’ve travelled

with the half moon on my side.

Who needs perfection?

14th September

My dear, I’ve looked for

you. When a ghost disappears,

someone is alone.

16th September

My dear, you once asked

how does our memory choose

what to keep. It doesn’t!

22nd September

My dear, a sad day,

thin skinned we’ve tried hard to see

what good might remain.

23rd September

My dear, I try not

to forget the beauty of

just being here too.

26th September

My dear, it’s for sure

death that inspires to live

in between its dates.

29th September

My dear, I don’t know

what to do with this portion

of me that is you.

30th September

My dear, when light’s off

there’s still sight in the darkness

and it is called touch.

1st October

My dear, one more day

gone without leaving a word

for the ones to come.

12th October

My dear, there’s no less

to say but I’ve used all words

I knew already.


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