My Book is Full of Words

March 30, 2015 § 8 Comments


In 2013 I spent a whole year on Twitter exploring the meaning of “big” words like life, death, love, sex, pain, pride, violence, hope… When I started writing these “definitions” in January that year, I had no idea they’d become a project. I had just entered a period in my life where reflection and its creative documentation not only felt necessary but became my life’s red thread. A thread far from following a straight line, though, but mostly curling into circles that only slowly, if at all, formed a moving spiral. Most of the words escaped permanent definitions; life kept, and keeps, redefining them for me.

This project, I later named ‘All the Words’, became something like an online journal of aphorisms, epigrams or naked verses — sometimes looking for a poem and coming closer together, and sometimes running away from each other, contradicting and opposing each other. All of them were based on my personal observations and emotional reactions to readings of all kinds, the news and everyday experiences, or chats with friends, online or in person. Many people followed my ramblings on Twitter, retweeted and frequently replied commenting on them, as they felt addressed by one or the other poetic definition.

The creative process on Twitter has been a unique experience for me but now I’m delighted that ‘All the Words’ has also become a beautiful little book thanks to Phoenicia Publishing and my publisher Elizabeth Adams. Even if you’d read each one of those tweets on Twitter, Elizabeth has created a typographic design that will make that process, that Heraclitian river of words and meanings, visible for you and aesthetically a new experience. Some of the earliest supporters of that project on Twitter shouldn’t be surprised to find yourselves also mentioned in my words of thanks as your generous feedback kept me writing and posting.

Among those precious early readers were three people I enormously admire and am grateful to for they were kind enough to write what they liked about ‘All the Words’: the poet and translator George Szirtes who has won a variety of prizes for his poetry (Reel, The Burning of the Books, Bad Machine) and for his translations (László Krasznahorkai’s Satantango), the multitalented Natasha Badhwar, columnist at Mint Lounge, film-maker and fashion entrepreneur, and the poet Dave Bonta (Twelve Simple Songs, Odes to Tools) who is a very well-known blogger and online publisher of Moving Poems.

You can read what they had to say about the book on the Phoenicia website page for ‘All the Words’ where you can also order the book. Launch Date: April 20th, 2015.

I will be happy for your feedback, here or elsewhere.


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