The Collected Tales of the Wind

January 29, 2016 § Leave a comment


Tales of the wind (Part 1)

Of course the wind comes from far away. That’s what winds do, what they’re paid for.

If a rain hasn’t been enough to clean up sinn and shame, you then call the wind, for a biblical showdown.


Tales of the wind (Part 2)

You must escape but you’re broke? No problem. You take an east wind and head west, where even the sun rests.

And if you fear you’ll miss someone you’ve left behind, send a few Autumn love leaves with the next wind heading east. They’ll come.


Tales of the wind (Part 3)

The ones betrayed, the ones deceived stand at the top of the rock against the wind and cry out the bitter names.

And some of them get carried away, in every single way.


Tales of the wind (Part 4)

If a wind returns the next night it’s always stronger. Our resistance is played and brief. We give in and fly.

There were people found in far away countries who could still name the winds in their mother tongues but had forgotten their mother’s name.


Tales of the wind (Part 5)

Winds don’t like meeting each other.

But no one who’s been at their meeting points has survived to tell us why.


Tale of the wind (Part 6)

A wind never really sleeps. It rests for a while in the trees, on the back of lazy rain clouds, or in deep lakes.

And waits.


Tales of the wind (Part 7)

Weak winds touch softly the earth to rest when light is low. But every stone touched hurts. Winds die down.

No one remembers a dead wind except one or two birds who learned to fly against it.




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