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When more than 60 Syrian and Afghan refugees turned up for the day trip, a hike and picnic around a lake known as a rest area for migratory birds, organised by the local environmental association, the younger volunteers had to fetch the association’s old VW-transporter because the bus was too full. The day developed wonderfully: the weather behaved and remained sunny and warm, the thundering only started after everyone was back home safe and sound; there were no fights or other misunderstandings between the Syrian and Afghan refugees and everyone had fun: the kids enjoyed the games, the adults the fresh air and interesting new place and the environmental activists the delight of the migratory families about all those migratory birds.

Only on the way back to town it became obvious why the volunteers wouldn’t have used the transporter if they didn’t have to. It broke down with a big noise. The volunteers were making the call to the breakdown service when the three young Afghans in it stepped out, opened the engine hood and started taking out parts and putting them back inside again. The engine started right after.

In Afghanistan, they said in quite good English, almost every man can repair a car. This is normal.

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