Childhood Photos 

May 25, 2016 § 1 Comment

At our school there is a new refugee boy, a sixth grader, who has made the whole way from Syria —on foot, on boat, on foot, on train— by himself, no parents or other relatives on his side. We still know little about how he has made it so far, what he went through for it, and where his parents are, or are not anymore. Whenever someone asks him something, just anything, he answers ‘nein’.

Yesterday 5,600 people were rescued from boats on their way from Libya to Italy. Ever since the Balkan route to Europe is closed more and more people hazard the perilous crossing of the Mediterranean on dangerous, overcrowded boats.

Today far-right group Pegida launched into a rage on Facebook over pictures of black and Asian children on the new Kinder chocolate bar packaging: “They’re trying to pass this s*** off as normal, poor Germany.” The Pegida group failed to recognise that these kids on the Kinder packaging were childhood photos of several players of the German football team, to celebrate the upcoming Euro 2016 tournament.
And I found this little boy in the picture at a shop’s window. I want him to say: Nein!

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