Fast and Furious

September 8, 2016 § Leave a comment

Greece, July 2016

We were having an early dinner after a visit at the ancient Epidaurus theatre, not far away from this little port but at high noon and with high temperatures, and also after a long afternoon swim at the lovely beach right underneath that hill in the background. The waiter in the taverna told me that at least two of those houses on the hill, with gorgeous view over the bay, were bought by writers as their writing refuge—I don’t know if he noticed my great frustration for not affording to be one of them. At least as good as the food was watching the movement around the port: kids diving into the sea from the pier, fishing boats going out for evening fishing, diverse pier strollers, the setting sun and those four old ladies sitting on buckets and folding chairs on the right.

What’s not in the picture, what I must add with words to the picture, is these four old girls driving with high speed in a shabby old white FIAT-something, stopping at the beginning of the pier, one of them jumping out of the car, taking a few steps on the pier, checking the situation in the water, checking the situation (people, boats etc.) around the pier, then jumping back into the car which drove away once more in high speed and in a way that showed the passengers’ dissatisfaction with the existing circumstances on their beloved pier. But after checking twice on the pier and all of us around, it seems that the old ladies found no better fishing spot for that night and so they finally settled themselves with all their equipment on the pier, transforming again into quite normal Greek grannies and tolerating strollers and gapers with a smile and a chat.



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