The Bag of Winds

December 14, 2016 § Leave a comment

This is not a very big city. It is a peaceful city. It has one of the most beautiful Christmas markets I’ve visited here in Germany, with a lovely, over a hundred years old, wooden carousel. 

My son has almost reached the age to find riding such a carousel uncool, but not quite yet. He still loves riding the bigger wooden horses. He is though a rather shy boy and he finds it difficult to claim a horse for himself at rush hours. Besides, you should also really see how some parents behave in order to get their kids onto a horse… 

Today, after he had lost his dream horse to at least three younger children and their determined parents, he finally got his foot on its stirrup. But out of nowhere, a blonde young mother pushed him away in quite a rough manner and got her not much younger daughter onto the horse. The carousel started turning leaving my son and me totally shocked on the side. I turned furious to her as she was going back to her partner and a friend standing nearby: “That was a great behaviour lesson you taught your daughter tonight” I said, “such an inappropriate and aggressive way to behave to another child!” Then she turned to me, having her man and friend on her two sides: “*You* are the last to tell me what to do here!”, she told me with the undertone that any migrant speaking with a foreign accent would immediately recognise. “You and your sort.” “You and your sort.” repeated the smoking man.  

I don’t think I have ever faced such a naked aggression before, though sometimes the more subtile forms of it,  and my son had certainly never faced a situation like this before. He was puzzled and scared: “I want to go mum,” he said “don’t wanna ride no more.” I was scared too but they had turned away. I took my son by the hand and chose the way right next to them. “You and your sort” I repeated loudly in their face as I went by, but went by I did.

The weather in west and east is getting worse day by day. Someone has opened Aeolus’s bag of winds. It’s chilly.


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