Between 2018 and 2019

January 8, 2019 § Leave a comment

The sky breathed out its last colour

with a deep sigh. Night watch

for those who fear thoughts

sounding like broken glass

like a river going dry, like a fireball.


The saints of the other side

keep promises in their pockets

for emergencies like that

and for girls fainting in the kitchen.


Now we’re here, amid of mute stars

that have been waiting in darkness

for their ignition by a heart,

one of those out of beat.


Why aren’t we allowed to mourn,

over those cracked ancient souls,

why must we remain silent

as if we weren’t the right gods.


There is a time without place

where we can still meet and lie,

for if you cannot touch their skin

your language will go under it.


In the end the day will break

our worlds in two again

the light, sometimes heavy, sometimes light,

the night behind, sometimes heavy, sometimes sight.

We get up to go on getting up.

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