April 2020 – Part 1

April 12, 2020 § Leave a comment

1st April

April 1st too soon,

we haven’t got the spring mood,

winter fits better.


I dreamed of water

but not of summer beaches,

they’re too far away.


It would be nice though

to become light again, swim,

hear the world laughing,


careless and naked.

2nd April

Like fish in a glass

everything still fine inside

our protected world.


We wonder if it’s

a dream. Is it true that this

is the last water?


We try to forget,

to become a fish for true,

turn one round, one more,


everything is here.

3rd April

Time might make us all

become quieter, careful

not to miss a tone


of others speaking.

Our own voice, once so precious,

less important then.


Our wealth and beauty

for wisdom and kindness. Won’t

that be courageous


as a new start after?

3rd April

Today feeling short

of breath, that hill in front of

us seeming too high.


A grey day, quite still,

the birds are thinking, planing

their next step to spring.


I try to listen

and expect less, less from me,

less on a day when


flowers hesitate.

5th April

Sunday bursting with

sun and skies. How innocent

the day felt as we


cycled through the fields.

The trees were turning green like

nature’s traffic lights.


Back to the city.

A helicopter landing

on the roof of the


nearby hospital.

6th April

One by one windows

open. Someone should welcome

the upcoming moon.


Backstage the open

wardrobes, bodies uncertain,

set tables untouched.


An alphabet of

sighs, low voices, question marks.

We are all foreign


in untraveled nights.

7th April

We don’t see her dead,

ut we hear Antigone’s

mourning. For once more


she’s not allowed to

bury her kin or lament

their death as deserved.


But this time the state

are we, we hold her back from

their graves and ours too,


we beg her to wait.


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