March 2020 – Part 2

April 12, 2020 § Leave a comment

24th March

It’s a sunny cold

outside, a frozen beauty

waiting for the prince


with the warm kisses.

I’ll fill the house with the smell

of hot fresh coffee,


open the windows,

wave “hi” to occasional

pedestrians, call


my mum on the phone.


26th March

Mum looks very old

on the screen. A video

call. We laugh a lot.


She thinks what I think

though.This might take much longer

than our words pretend.


The quietness of

the nights unites us, our fears,

trembling stars afar


from each other’s sun.

27th March

This fear in a box

we do not want to open,

but we have no choice.


We’re taken by it, it

comes out of our TVs,

it walks down the street,


it takes faces of

beloveds, of ourselves too,

it changes, it spreads.


Pandora, what now?

28th March

I woke up early

in the morning, watched the plants

growing in the light.


A reassurance,

this new day would be as real

as the one before.


A well-know story

would surely start with well-know words,

a solace amid


an unknown new world.

29th March

We’ve turned our clocks to

summer time, but we’re still not

in control. New snow,


falling and melting

on the young dandelions,

whispering secrets


in their yellow ears:

Summer and winter exists



like life, pain and death.

30th March

Voices in surplus

behind walls, in front of screens,

there’s so much to say.


Comfort, distraction,

love, thoughts, fears and promises,

broken vows, chances.


When the quiet night falls

everybody works hard on

their inventories.


We share our failures.



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