May 2020, so far

May 21, 2020 § Leave a comment

1st May

May Day sabotaged

by rain. But it’s nice to see

two rival blackbirds


in the wet garden,

sharing shelter under the

same rhododendron.


Nature’s common sense

protects them from themselves. Yet,

will this peace be kept,


under the sunrays?

6th May

I‘ve just discovered

an 18th century ace:

late evening port wine.


Sweet and strong pleasure,

comfort for the swollen legs

of great-grandmothers,


bold midwives and lords,

but slave traders sometimes too.

History is full


with two-side stories.

11th May

While a wild wind blows

and changes the weather like

a light switch: on, off,


on, off, we listen

to mixed tapes dedicated

to teenagers’ dreams.


We remember those

days in our rooms, in ourselves

well now, as we try


to figure out this.

13th May

Everything is blue

especially the while walls

of the house next door


as they touch the sky

dressed in its slippy colours.

The birds are looking


for islands of green

to spend the night. Windstill

quietness. Softly


I let down the blinds.

17th May

Let us not go back

to normal that never was,

times without thinking.


We moved and went on,

kept forgetting about death,

of others, of ours.


Yes, we miss freedom,

but freedom has expanded

in our minds, it might


has become vision.

18th May

These notes often start

with the singing birds at dusk.

Dutiful blackbirds


remind me that there‘s

this short time to talk before

silence reigns at night.


I wish I could put

every word in a blackbird’s

song. They’d tell me then


what to say in time.

17th May

What’s behind our masks?

Nostalgia and longing

for the life we had?



for the future, not the past?

Is the best or worst


of us now hidden?

What are these eyes looking at?

Outwards or inwards?


Our mouths are still shut.


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