August 2020

September 5, 2020 § 5 Comments

Greece, 1st August

A hot night. Silence,
the dogs won’t bark, not even
at a daring cat.

The wind’s tongue softens
the streets, dries kissed lips or tears,
things keep happening

while we try to fall
asleep for the next day’s sake.
But at night we hear

all the world at once.


Greece, 5th August

After the full moon
a question: Why is beauty
not fair everywhere?

Why must it be full
of black holes sucking it in?
“Lebanon is cursed”,

said a man in tears.
We were watching on our screens
how such misfortune

eats hopes and summers.


Greece, 11th August

The stars come and go
in a summer sky that knows
no earth, no mayhem.

We all hold our breath
until the next morning comes.
Will all still be here?

I swam in the sea,
sneaking into a beauty
denied for many,

pleasures in rations.


Greece, 14th August

An open suitcase,
back from a short trip, sleepless
when the rooster crows.

Once, twice, then three times,
someone has disowned someone.
It’s this world, you know.

As knows the crescent
moon and still comes back to grow,
to change, become full,

and start all over.


Greece, 18th August

Summer is ending.
At night we worry if the stars
still hang on up there:

Jupiter, Saturn?
Check. Still there, pale but standing.
In the predawn hours,

Venus, going home.
The Perseids, though still falling,
take the short ways down.

And the moon is bored.

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