February 2021

February 28, 2021 § 3 Comments

8th February

The silence of snow
is one covering much said,
a time to revise,

time to examine
the alternative versions
of things thought well known.

Under the white shapes,
another garden is formed,
the most essential

is seen with closed eyes.


14th February

Almost like Christmas,
a snowy Valentine’s Day,
warming for some hearts,

for others just frost.
Dried flowers in books, letters
that were never sent,

vows that were broken,
but also some not needed,
as years press the earth

for us to walk on.


16th February

I saw a photo,
the sea was in the background,
wintry and confused,

trying to reach the shore.
The wind must have been there too,
like movement frozen.

It’s difficult to
stop the mind thinking of
what cannot be framed,

of what escapes us.


23rd February

There’s an air of spring
examining the frozen
earth by touch, shyly.

We’re not ready yet
for happiness, the heavy
curtains are still closed.

At least the winter
would not lie to us, would not
say all will be good.

One doesn’t know now.


25th February

In a vast black sky,
stars must search for their brothers;
their signals are sounds,

their pulse is slower
than light, but finds the fellow
stars eventually.

Trembling together,
shining apart, know better
than to come closer.

Some got lost that way.


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