Moons and Stars Apart

December 10, 2019 § 1 Comment

How the night deletes

forms and time and distances

by just falling deep.


All those who have said

what the day ghosts have ordered

silenced now, dressed black.


Stars and moons apart.


A second layer. Gold.

Those skies are heavy mirrors

of our secret thoughts.


One secretly smokes,

while the other walks on glass.

Fragile diaries.


Stars and moons apart.


We fall in silence,

bodies implode in darkness

that blue hearts can’t stand.


All not forgotten

on the top skin, on the breast,

pressing for retreat.


Moons and stars apart.


How invisible

we are. In the winter fog,

last year’s candlelight.


The sun reigns elsewhere.

Warm skins, bare feet, all small sins

that don’t leave shadows.


Stars and moons apart.


Behind the eyelids

there is a private darkness

where fears and hopes dwell.


These moments before

we open our eyes to light

and enter the world.


Stars and moons apart.

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