November 2020

December 2, 2020 § Leave a comment

9th November

Light in the darkness,
that good day in a dark year,
sunny everywhere,

the streets in music,
no face masks can hide laughter
or hope, or relief.

The winter is still
ahead full of bad mood clouds,
we see it, we know,

we’ve needed that break.


14th November

Sometimes we wake up
in another person’s dream
wondering about

when to start telling
people who we are and how
we got stranded there.

In the common sea
of worries, not run errands,
there’s a huge lost crowd

dreaming of islands.


Resolutions 22nd November

After this we’ll fall
fast, into each other’s arms,
we will kiss strangers

in the crowded streets,
we will throw away our masks
and be our new selves,

we’ll hug the sad trees,
promise them a life without
hard rain, storms and floods.

We’ll do that, won’t we?


23rd November

Stars full of questions,
the night silenced in a cold
black shirt, Sunday’s best.

This winter doesn’t know
where to start or where to end,
it comes unprepared,

without names of months,
no feasts and celebrations,
like a vagabond,

a salesman of cold.


25th November

It’s your birthday,
my darling, you don’t know that
I wrote you a poem.

I will whisper it
in your sleep, in languages
for newborns and gods.

Many years have passed
and we’re becoming now less,
less of everything,

but there’s more to learn.

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