January 2021

February 1, 2021 § Leave a comment

1st January

As I cannot sleep
I may as well write a word
about this New Year’s night.

It has covered us
with a thin blanket of clouds
and a waning moon.

Modest and quiet,
no promises have been made,
and no vows taken,

though we humbly begged.


3rd January

Head on the pillow
one hears the own heart beating
dull from afar as

through a cotton field,
then louder; wild streams of blood
heat up flesh and skin.

A walk with closed eyes,
about those internal paths,
in awe and weakness

we give in to sleep.


9th January

Even when the grey
skies seem endless, beyond them
an opening waits

for us to travel
to see, to fetch, to bring back
what is always there.

We must prevail
now, we need no metaphors
for what we know true,

substantial and good.


11th January

As we get older
we start giving away belts,
as waists matter less.

Winters seem longer,
cold more intolerable
for our thinner skins.

News are no surprise,
except when we forget what
we’ve already heard,

sometimes age itself.


20th January

Strong wind is blowing,
only thoughts are too heavy
to travel with it.

It rattles our doors,
makes noises like a toddler
seeking attention.

We couldn’t have known
how good we are in waiting;
we used to worship

finish lines, deadlines.


27th January

A year doesn’t always
last a year. More accurate
would be to count time

like trees do, with rings.
Wide ones, narrow ones, no year
has got the same length.

How old, how weathered
one can be, how strong, how week,
there’s no calendar,

you see when one falls.


31st January

Crisp air, fragile sun,
soft frozen white on the roofs.
January leaves

questions unanswered.
How much longer till, when, where,
can we meet again?

There’s a fear we hide,
there’s a hardness we took on,
a mighty distance,

we might not let go.

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